Biogas Valorization


Your biogas efficiency

The final step of your installation will determine its profitability: Heat, Electricity, biomethane injection, we offer solutions to ensure the sustainability of your project.

  • Biomethane Injection

Biomethane is a purified biogas which has the same characteristics as natural gas. This will replace part of the fossil gas with a renewable gas.

ECOTHANE offers METHANPUR, filtering equipment that will enable to filter the biogas to the specific conditions of the gas distribution network.

  • Boiler

For your needs onsite or to provide energy to a heating network, we support you on the design and the technical choices for a boiler dedicated to biogas.

  • Cogeneration

Cogeneration equipment enables to produce and sell electricity from a gas engine. The heat can also be recovered to be valued and offer an economic benefit.

  • Organic Rankine Cycle

Organic Rankine Cycle is a solution to enhance heat recovery in the form of electricity. The use of organic fluids permits much wider temperature range utilization and ensure a long lifetime of the equipment. The ORC adds value to the wasted energy onsite, and is therefore an additional opportunity for economic sustainability of your installation.