ECOTHANE exoertisefor your project development.

With our experience and our ability for innovation, we can provide technical solutions that meet your needs. For practical solution or complex designs, please feel free to ask us de be accompanied in your projects.


  • Biogas network design

By our expertise on the whole biogas process (Storage, Filtration, Mitigation and valorization) we can provide a complete technical study of your projects, to create a greater consistency between the equipments at the very beginning of the plant design. We offer our ECOTHANE equipments as well as necessary piping, insulation, condensate traps, and any other specific steelworks.

Our offer has an overall approach, and can therefore maximize the performance of plants while keeping costs over control.


  • Biogas storage inside container

To meet your needs in term of available space and necessary maintenance, we are able to provide ‘tailored” equipments such as gasholders included within a container, for easy biogas storage.


This system allows the user to store biogas or Helium for instance.