The purification of biogas for hydrogen sulfide: the SULFAX® or the BIOTHRIX®

The SULFAX® removes H2S from biogas by a dry process.
The BIOTHRIX® removes H2S from biogas by a wet process, using bacteria.

Both solutions have in common that they were developed in order to reduce costs of biogas purification, while improving its efficiency.

The SULFAX® can purify H2S even if the biogas has a high humidity and condensates. Treatment capacity will not be reduces, unlike impregnated activated carbon equipments.
Another benefit: we have focused on developing a solution that would radically reduce operation costs (OPEX) compared to activated carbon with an equivalent efficiency (European origin). Even if the SULFAX has a higher investment cost (CAPEX) than a plastic container, the better return on investment makes this solution highly competitive.

The BIOTHRIX® can purify H2S from biogas by wet process. It uses bacteria (Acidothiobacillus Thooxidans), when the quantity of H2S would need more than 3 de SULFAX® in a row.
For BIOTHRIX®, we have focused to reduce the OPEX regarding the consumption of nutriment, quantity of caustic soda, water, electricity, and waste treatment. Furthermore, based on a study made by our clients, it had been shown that BIOTHRIX® has real added value by comparison to competitors, concerning it rate of availability.